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Vortex shedding flow measurement has been Nice Instrumentation ’s business for over 20 years. Nice Vortex Flow Meters give accurate and repeatable measurement in steam, gases and liquids. The full line of Vortex Flow Meters are designed to withstand the harsh environment both inside and outside the pipe, making the “Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters” a completely maintenance free design.

Dual Sensor Technology using our Microtel microprocessor based electronics eliminates process fluid noise or vibration, while enhancing the true vortex signal. Our Vortex Flow Meters have absolutely NO moving parts, NO internal o-rings, seals or gaskets of any kind. All of our vortex elements are CNC machined out of solid stainless steel stock while our sensors NEVER come into contact with the process fluid.

With over 100 years of combined engineering and machining experience, one can feel confident that your company is getting the world’s most innovative and heavy duty flow measurement designs. 

A Word Flow Special Report!
Flow Research Magazine recognizes innovative multi-variable vortex designs by NICE. American Petroleum Institute (API) publishes custody transfer standard for multi-variable vortex meters. read now...


MASS MTX offers the latest in Multi-Variable Technology
The NICE Vortex Flow Meter offers a complete two-wire low power MASS Vortex Flow Meter for STEAM, GASES and LIQUIDS. The MASS MTX is loaded with feature rich innovations that will take the headache out of multi-variable flow instrumentation.

NEW TURCK Partnership
Nice Instrumentation Partners with TURCK a leading manufacture of products designed for factory and process automation industries that uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and functionality.

Flanged Vortex Plate Minimizes Installation Costs and Measures Low-Flow
- 12/12/06
Powertech Solutions in New York City & Philadelphia only specs Nice Flanged Vortex Plate flow meters for their utility customers for the measurement of steam and gases.